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Tiny Arch

Our premium polycarbonate sheet (made in Australia) is trapped between our two part rafter, and exits in a downward direction, automatically creating "tiny arch"

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Built for Four Seasons

Our extrusions are custom designed and made right here in New Zealand from recycled high-tensile 6061 T6 aluminum. Our shelters are built to stand against very high wind

10 Year Warranty

All our shelters are made using premium materials. Our team has been making shelter kits for a decade and we love and stand by our shelters

Free NZ Shipping

We can ship to any Mainfreight depot anywhere in New Zealand!

Flexiroof Light DIY

Congratulations, this is where you can order your Flexiroof Light DIY kitset
If you have any questions please see our FAQ page or call 0800 400 000 or click here to email

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  • 2: Width (along the house)
  • 3: Length (out from house)
  • 4: Optional Posts (50mm x 50mm) with attached castings

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Sizes to suit your place

Flexiroof Light DIY allows you to create beautiful quality shelter, at a significantly lower cost - by your own energy and skill and is an absolutely premium product made with the very best of materials and designed here in New Zealand.

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The Magic of Tiny Arch

Tiny Arch has three huge advantages

Our sheet automatically self-adjusts for thermal expansion. This makes it super quiet and there is no ugly thermal warping in the sun

Water instantly moves away from the joins. 
Even better, no rubber is needed for waterproofing at all so our shelters remain waterproof for decades

Our rafters are at an industry-leading super wide 800mm spacing. Flexiroof shelters are simpler and look better for this, letting you see more of the sky and clouds

Tiny Arch is only available from Flexiroof as we have a granted patent 

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Loved by 18,000 Kiwis,

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Great looking finished product. We have been enjoying our Flexiroof so much!

— Carla


I absolutely love my Flexiroof! Wow what a huge difference! I wanted something where I could still see the sky and feel like I was sitting outside but not baking in the sun

— Anita


Excellent work

A great addition to the house

Love my deck enjoying it more rain or sunshine

— Graeme


Amazing service, really happy with the result

— Kurtis

Common Questions


Medium grey sheet which blocks:

~100% of UV radiation
~66% of visible light
~33% of heat


10 years warranty

Warranty Detail

Flexiroof Light uses quality materials such as premium sheet, stainless steel fasteners, and powder-coated aluminium extrusions using our own tooling.

These are connected together securely via design elements such as “Capped Rafters” and “Tiny Arch Technology”.

Flexiroof will provide replacement parts where they become unsuitable for use, but we do not cover any disassembly, reassembly, travel or installation costs, or any labour.

Exclusions – the product warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • Scratches or abrasions, which are beyond our control
  • Normal manufacturing variation (components from any company has small variations in dimensions)
  • Mechanical or chemical damage caused by a third party (clean only with soapy water and soft window cleaning brooms, or cloths)
  • Fading of powder-coated paintwork over the years (this is similar to what happens to house joinery, metal gutters or even cars over time)
  • Normal ‘tea staining’ or other changes that can occur with stainless steel items.
  • Damage caused by extreme natural events such as tornados, cyclones, tsunami, landslides and earthquakes.
  • Situations where there has been any alteration or modification to the initial design, location or structural integrity of the product or the connections associated with the product.
  • Any parts used in a way which exceeds the recommended span for the parts.


No if on ground floor ... or 1st floor ... but see *note below

The largest Flexiroof Light kit - 4.875m x 4.050m is 19.7m² in area, and in New Zealand you do not need a permit for a shelter that is less than 20m².

  • If you want more shelter than afforded by 19.7m², you can build two "adjacent" shelters near each other, almost touching, but NOT supporting or connected to each other.
  • If you have any doubt as to whether your local council is OK with this you will need to contact them.
  • *Regarding 1st floor installations: We suggest you ask your council to confirm this is ok
  • We can give not advice, or offer design, re adjacent shelters other than to say it is done sometimes! We do have a specialist extrusion we can sell, but the best pathway is to send us an email with a plan and we can dialog with you.

Our shelter kits are made to order so our normal delivery time of your Flexiroof Light kit is:

  • 6 weeks for the North Island
  • 8 weeks for the South Island

If this is too long for your project, or you have a big family event approaching, please let us know, and we can see what we can do!


Get your own Flexiroof Light

Enjoy four seasons living at your place.

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