Become an agent

If you’re interested in become a Flexiroof agent we'd love to hear from you

We are currently actively looking for an agent in the Gisborne region.

Based elsewhere? We’re always on the look out for more fantastic agents.

Our ideal agents:

  • Are fussy!
  • Know how to market themselves well
  • Operate an existing business in a complimentary industry (e.g. building)

Becoming a Flexiroof Agent offers a fantastic opportunity to diversify your service offering, create additional income, and help home owners create beautiful outdoor areas.

Interested? Simply contact us using using the link above and mention:

  • Name
  • Region / area you are interested in being an agent for
  • Relevant skills / experience / qualifications
  • How you found out about Flexiroof
  • Why you will be a great Flexiroof agent