Frequently asked questions


No, clear is too hot! We offer a medium grey sheet, cutting out:

~100% of UV radiation
~50% of visible light
~20% of heat

This is the best Goldilocks solution. Not too dark, not too light!

We only use polycarbonate sheet because it is 15x stronger than the cheaper acrylic or perspex alternative many other companies use.


An industry-leading 15 year warranty.


In New Zealand you do not need a permit for any of our shelters that are less than 20m². We often put independent shelters adjacent to one another, that are all less than 20m² but combined over more than 20m² with no permit.

Our shelters are made to order so our normal delivery time of kits to your agent is:

6-8 weeks for the North Island
8-12 weeks for the South Island
If this is too long for your project, or you have a big family event approaching, please let your agent know, and we can see what we can do!