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Flexiroof vs Clearvue

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01 Style
Contemporary flat, with paired structural rafters at 800mm centres
Contemporary flat with 600mm/750mm centres
02 Sheet Material
3.0mm premium flat polycarbonate - formed to a tiny-arch (~10-30mm)
6mm or 8mm flat Acrylic or polycarbonate
03 Frame Material
Powder-coated high tensile aluminium
04 Frame Guarantee
15 years
15 years
05 Fasteners
Less than 100 stainless steel bolts (M10 & M6)
Less than 100 stainless steel fasteners
06 Connection Design
Sheet is trapped – between paired rafter parts – by the geometry of the parts
Sheet is held in place by rubber between paired rafters
07 Sheet Overlaps
08 Waterproofing
Wedged fit design & “tiny-arch” detailing
09 LED Lighting
10 Rafter Spacing
600mm or 750mm
11 Approx. Price / m²
From $650/m² (for 20m²)
From $1029/m² (for 20m²)
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Why is Flexiroof Better?

We are a unique, carefully designed, and crafted New Zealand product, made for those looking for a high-quality shelter that is built to stand the test of time. We only use premium materials allowing us to offer a 15-year warranty on all of our shelters.

Simple design

Uncluttered, contemporary design and industry-leading 800mm rafter spacing means less to cramp your style or block your view.


Technical excellence

Our patented two-part rafter design locks the sheet via geometry and friction, magically creating “tiny arch” in the sheet, which delivers real benefits for homeowners.

Affordable pricing

We deliver beautiful, high-quality, permanent shelters installed for lower cost than competitors. Get an instant online quote now.


15 year warranty

Our warranty is the best you will find because we only use very durable “ingredients” – high tensile aluminium, premium 3mm polycarbonate sheet, and stainless-steel fasteners.